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Our Sports Performance Classes


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Total Sports


Varsity Sports Prep













Varsity Sports Prep




Ages 13+


Athletes can train unlimited number of sessions per week


Varsity Sports Preparation was created for the competitor
who is better than the average athlete.


This program will teach the true meaning of the phrase"ELITE ATHLETE"

Every Session Includes:



Leadership Skills
"In the Game" Speed
Strength Training
Weekly Evaluations
Distinguished Uniforms
Academic Support
Academic Support
Leadership Skills

Advanced Training Includes


    Intense Sport Specific Training


    Introduction to Plyomentrics


    Semi-Advanced Power Training


    Ground Breaking Agility and Quickness


    Sports Obstacle Courses


    Mental Toughness and Competitiveness


    First Step Quickness


    and Much, Much More!



5 Steps Toward Success

Step 1 - Pre Test
Step 2 - Goal Setting
Step 3 - Program Design
Step 4 - Expert Instruction
Step 5 - Post Test


Postural, Movement Assessment

The Postural and Movement assessment is essential to increasing the athlete's ability to improve. If the athlete's posture is distorted or a past injury caused the athlete to compensate his/her movement pattern, they will not be able to increase strength, power, quickness, or speed to their potential and may increase risk for future injuries.


Our assessment helps determine an athletes ability to move well. As a result, strategic exercises will be given to improve the athlete's flexibility, strength, power, quickness, and speed.




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